Early Childhood Pedagogy Symposia



Early Childhood Pedagogy Symposia are spaces of academic reflection, interdisciplinary research, professional documentation and rigorous dialogue on early childhood pedagogy. They connect the local research activity in Greece with diverse global contexts and perspectives examining its applications to policy and practice. They combine diverse narratives into formal scientific knowledge, leading to systematic review by the peer community and publication in journals and collections.
The scope of ECPS is focussed around research and narratives on educational policy, pedagogy and practice, professional learning, learning communities, diversity and interculturality.
More specifically:

Building knowledge communities
Early Childhood Pedagogy Symposia connect with different co-host universities and local communities each year in an attempt to forge a strong interdisciplinary academic network and a professional community of practice involving academics, researchers, professionals, schools, parent associations as well as community and policy stakeholders. We have worked with several educational institutions including:
• The Department of Early Childhood Education, University of Patras, Greece
• The Regional Educational Authority of Epirus, Greece
• The College of Education, University of Illinois, USA
• The Common Ground, USA
• The Department of Education, Cyprus University, Cyprus
• University of Nicossia, Cyprus
• Frederick University, Cyprus

Connecting the University with Professional Practice and the community
Early Childhood Pedagogy Symposia offer a global forum where researchers, university students, professionals and school leaders as well as policy makers can showcase their practical applications and best pedagogical practice.
The Symposiums welcome innovation in pedagogy and the application of new practices for
• Systemic and policy interventions for schools and learning
• Undergraduate students' practicum at schools
• In-service professional learning (school based)
• School networking
• Community learning events
• Parental involvement

Sustaining research focus for a transformative pedagogy and diversity
We focus on Transformative Education, reflexivity and change through purposeful engagement of diversity. Dialogue and reflection are important elements in shaping today's schools. Diversity is also an important source of learning and learning is everywhere. We encourage the showcase of research findings on education's current and future role and we value teacher as an agent of change. In this context we welcome research on:
• Transformative pedagogy, teaching repertoires and new learning
• Reflexivity and curriculum development
• Assessment and evaluation.
• Collaborative leaning in communities
• Peer to peer learning
• Diversity narratives of identity and belonging
• Intercultural dialogue
• Civic pluralism and social inclusion


The 2nd Early Childhood Pedagogy Symposium is for any person with an interest in, and concern for early childhood pedagogy and education in any of its sites, from home to school to university to the workplace.

We are inviting proposals for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions, posters/exhibits, or colloquia that address Early Childhood Pedagogy through one of the following themes:


 Preschool Education & Curricula  Teachers' Professional Learning  
Learning in Preschool  & Primary Education Profile and skills of professionals in Preschool Education
New Basic Skills of Students for the 21st century Models of apprenticeship and continuing education of Preschool students and Educators
Transformation and Education Diversity & Identity
Comparative Studies in Early Childhood Education Intercultural & Differentiated Pedagogy
Student Assessment & Program Evaluation Multiliteracies and Learning
Educational Policy, Administration and Leadership Family-School-Community Collaboration
Special Education New Technologies & Learning in the Early Years
Education & Arts, Music & Fine Arts Didactics of Science & Mathematics
Contemporary issues / challenges of early childhood education for a participatory and inclusive citizenship New Technologies (electronic learning environments & tools)

Proposal ideas that extend beyond these thematic areas will also be considered.


Τypes of Engagement

Our Symposia encourage a wide range of academics, researchers, students, professionals, policy makers to engage either in person or virtually in an inclusive dialogue which can transform the way we view early childhood pedagogy.

Forms of presentations are:

  • • Plenary presentations
  • • Thematic 'talking circles'
  • • Paper presentations
  • • Roundtable Discussions
  • • Poster/Exhibits
  • • Workshop sessions
  • • Colloquium sessions
  • • Virtual presentations

All participants, whether virtual or in-person, can also submit presentations to the Conference YouTube playlist.

Next Symposium

3rd International Symposium of Early Childhood Pedagogy 
23-24 May 2016
Nicosia, Cyprus


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