Call 3rd International Symposium

Announcement ECP 2016 3rd International Symposium on Early Childhood and School Pedagogy
Contemporary Trends in Curriculum Development and Teaching
Department of Education, University of Cyprus,
Nicosia, 23-24 April 2016, Cyprus

Following last May’s successful Symposium in Ioannina, the 3rd International Symposium on Early Childhood and School Pedagogy on Contemporary trends in Curriculum Development and Teaching will be held in Nicosia Cyprus hosted by the Department of Education, University of Cyprus on 23-24 April 2016.


Symposium Objectives
The need for efficient use of time, thought, creativity, the special talents and inclinations of children in school often manifested in laws, policies, reforms and practices in many educational systems around the world. The creation and implementation of new curricula at both micro and macro level aim to develop an effective learning environment and maximize learning outcomes of children in knowledge level, skills and attitudes seem - and needs - to meet this need. Furthermore, diversification of teaching in mixed ability classes and the use of constructive teaching methods which aim to cultivate and develop children’s critical and creative thinking and problem solving skills have emerged as necessary pedagogical choices. The implementation of these choices require teachers’ continuous education, training and enhancing of their teaching skills in the application of modern teaching methods, techniques and approaches. At the same time arises some skepticism of what should be done for effective teachers’ training, as it has been proved in practice that short-term teacher training and support efforts have not succeed positive results. Taking into account these and similar types of challenges, the Symposium on Contemporary trends in Curriculum Development and Teaching aims to be a tool and space of academic thinking, interdisciplinary research, professional documentation and reflective dialogue for academics, researchers, PhD students, teachers, educators and practitioners in childhood education and pedagogy.

For these reasons, the organizers invite proposals / abstracts of the academic field of education related to theory, practice and / or research associated with the thematic priorities of the conference.


The themes of the 3rd Symposium focus on:

  • Preschool Education & Curricula
  • Critical Thinking and Teaching Approaches
  • Preschool Education & Comparative Pedagogy
  • Teacher education and Life Long Learning
  • Curriculum Evaluation
  • Action Research as a Tool for Teachers' Professional Development
  • Development of new Educational Programs: Needs and Prospectives
  • Early Childhood Pedagogy and Collaboration between School- Family- Community
  • Differentiated Teaching and Learning
  • Effective Teaching
  • Student Assessment & Evaluation of Teacher Work
  • History of Education
  • Family-School-Community Collaboration
  • Managing Change & Administration
  • Intercultural Education
  • Contemporary trends in Curriculum Development
  • New Technologies in Education

Important Dates
Call for papers (submissions start): 30 September 2015
[Update] Call for papers (submissions finish): 10 February 2016
[Update] Confirmation of Attendance: 10 February 2016
Early Bird Registration: 15 March 2016
E-proceedings/Program: 20 April 2016
3rd Symposium: 23-24 April 2016
Deadline for Papers Submission: 31 August 2016

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3rd International Symposium of Early Childhood Pedagogy 
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