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The Early Childhood Pedagogy YouTube channel is a collection of video presentations for those symposium delegates unable to attend in person. Delegates should proceed with their registration first and then upload their videos to YouTube, which we then add to the symposium channel We also list these video presentations in the program.  




Instructions for creating video presentation

Initially after you finish creating your presentation (ppt file) by using Microsoft PowerPoint2010, you can convert it to video in order to be presented at the Symposium. The video you create, will be uploaded to the corresponding channel of the Symposium, 

The following are the basic steps for creating video presentation:
To create the video your computer must have a sound card, microphone and speakers, and must make sure that your microphone is working properly.
1. Open your presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint2010.
2. Go to the Slide Show tab, in the Settings menu and select «Presentation Recording» .
3. Then you can select one of the following:
• Start recording from the beginning or
• Start recording from the current slide
4. Next, in the dialog window Presentation Recording you can select the "Narratives and laser pointer"
5. You are ready to start voice recording by selecting "Start Recording".
6. Any time of the creation of video you can temporarily stop the recording by selecting the "Pause" from the menu "Recording". To resume recording select "Continue recording".
7. To complete the recording of your presentation, right-click the slide and select "End show."
8. Finally, on the File menu, select "Save and send" and then click on "Create video."

On the following addresses you can find instructional videos for creating video presentation (English): 
Also, you may use any other program (eg. snagit, camtasia, youcam, movie maker) to create a video presentation.
If you cannot upload the video to youtube, you can send the video file at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  in order to be uploaded to the corresponding channel of the Symposium.


Virtual Attendance

You may watch the symposium at

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3rd International Symposium of Early Childhood Pedagogy 
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